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Seniors face many life-altering transitions which often present challenges for which they have little information and experience. Engaging directly with seniors, qualified and trained coaches at Prime Time will work to identify and articulate the senior's particular problem, find relevant information and someone who is committed to helping, and follow-up with the senior to monitor success.

Prime Time in Kanata is specifically designed by seniors to assist seniors transition through their later years. It provides insights into the many services and programs that are available from public and private agencies and will allow seniors to participate with other qualified organizations and their programs.

Challenges increase with age while our abilities to deal with challenges decrease with age. 



Prime Time in Kanata is an initiative of the Glen Cairn United Church. Building on the church's ongoing success of its outreach program, The Oasis in Kanata, a place for caregivers of people with mental illness, the congregation decided to expand their outreach focus to include seniors. After extensive research, which included focus groups with seniors, it was determined that the issue was not a lack of information or service agencies available to seniors, but rather identifying the individual’s real need(s), finding the right information, and having someone provide guidance through the process. We also heard that person-to-person communication was the most effective way to identify needs and establish trust. Taking all this into consideration, it was decided to develop a program of life coaches for seniors.

Prime Time in Kanata was developed with a mission to provide an on-going, supportable and trusted program of life coaches for seniors. Our life coaches assist seniors in facing their unique challenges by helping them identify and articulate their particular problem, finding relevant information and someone to help, and following-up with the senior to monitor success.


Prime Time in Kanata services are confidential and free.



On a one-to-one basis, our team of coaches will help you with any of life's challenges by:

  • Helping you identify your needs

  • Finding the right information 

  • Having someone provide guidance through the process

  • Following up to ensure success

 Everyone has a story.

Everyone is at a different stage on their personal journey; we each face a different set of challenges and life issues.

Person-to-person communication is the most effective way to identify individual needs and establish trust.


We can not provide legal, financial or medical advice, but we will help you find someone who can. 


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